All of our membership plans have been built to fit different requirements, so that you have the flexibility to adapt your plan to fit with your changing business needs.The following monthly member plans are special introductory prices*.

* Special introductory prices are valid until 30 June 2018. The minimum contract length and termination notice for the Private Office Suite, Dedicated Desk, and Hot Desk membership is 1 month.

* Please note that the k$ credit can be used towards booking meeting rooms, event space, locker rental, mailbox rental, printing, and Botanica Deli at Komune purchases. Meeting rooms, event space, mailbox and locker rental are subject to availability.

The k$ credit is non-refundable, and it cannot be exchanged for cash or used to pay for the monthly membership subscription.

Any additional purchased k$ credit can be brought forward monthly, however unused membership allocated k$ credit cannot be brought forward to a new month of membership subscription. Each month, the membership allocated k$ credit will reset to maximum upon the start of a new monthly billing.


k$ Credit

When we say we are flexible to fit with your changing business needs, we really mean it.

All our monthly membership plans include a monthly k$ credit allocation* which can be used to reserve meeting rooms, book event space, rent lockers and mailboxes, printing, and café purchases. We understand that some members may need more meeting room hours, while others need more printing.

It’s your membership, so you should get to pick how you use your credits. Each month you may choose where to allocate your k$ credit based on the list of facilities and amenities available at Komune.

Once you have used up your allocated k$ credit for the month, you may easily purchase more from our team. The k$ credit conversion is simple – it’s 1 to 1, which means for every RM 1, you get k$ 1 credit.

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